Internet: Between Good and Evil

The Internet is a wasteful technology. Do you realize what useless things it does nowadays?.

Do you know what is the fastest growing Internet industry? If your answer is pornography, then you probably use the Internet for this: first is users who uses the Internet primarily to support daily activities, office work, and surfing porn sites on their free time. Secondly is users who uses the Internet primarily to surf on porn sites, to support daily activities and office work after they had finished surfing porn sites. Thirdly is users who uses the Internet primarily to support daily activities, office work, and already had enough about porn and wish to ends it.

Internet pornography is a new wave of business. However it has become an industry with multi billions of dollars in annual revenue. The development of Internet pornography was followed by rapid changes in technology. Pornography industries began to used Internet as their new business media because of the Internet features it is easy to build, has a mass effect, and easy to access any where and any time.

In the beginning Internet was merely used to transfer data among computers and for research purpose. The development was begin in 1962 at MIT. After long researches and experiments, Internet was first introduces to public in 1991 by the formation of Internet society. The term for Internet was then published in 1995 by The Federal Networking Council (FNC).

Web 2.0 was the latest technology that Internet used nowadays, it was used to build social networking community sites. You can easily find most of the sites are offering friends networkings systems such as; Friendster, Facebook, My Space, and Tagged. The same systems was used by pornography industries to offer their new develop features; online dating. ?In the adult world the [site] with the most friends wins.? said Mark Tiara (president of United Adult Sites) 1.

While Internet Pornography has become an income generator for the industries, the Internet also has made tremendous revolution in learning. Internet also helps to build better education. Many students were using Internet as their way to get information, help their research, broadened their knowledge and help the special needs students with e-learning systems. [IS].


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